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Free Vector Wallpapers and Vector Backgrounds

One of the key ingredients to web 2.0 are pretty wallpapers and backgrounds. These give your website the decorative kick it needs in order to separate yourself from other designers. Vector wallpapers and vector backgrounds will make your life easier. A vector can be edited and resized without any loss. Website backgrounds for sites like MySpace or Twitter need to made a certain way. Vector wallpapers also allow you to optimize the design to fit your specifications. This will increase the speed of your website. Another tip would be to make the free vectors into a pattern that can be repeated using CSS. I made decorative, pretty, colorful, cool, dog, flower, butterfly, patterns, desktop, computer, MySpace, and Twitter vector backgrounds and wallpapers.

Download Royalty Free Decorative, Pretty, and Colorful Wallpaper Backgrounds

There a variety of royalty free wallpaper backgrounds for you to download. The vector background graphics can be used for all sorts of applications. They should even work well in print. Vector wallpapers were made using Adobe Illustrator. This is the industry standard vector authoring tool. Selecting download will prompt you to save a zip file. Unzip the file to find the AI file.

What Vector Backgrounds and Wallpapers are All About

I wanted the collection of wallpapers and vector backgrounds to have depth. This is why we have a vector pattern background along with a pretty vector dog wallpaper graphic. The main content on your site is the most important. I kept this in mind when designing these backgrounds. This type of artwork is intended to blend with your site. A decorative wallpaper is like a good haircut. It can make all the difference. My favorite is the dog with girl vector wallpaper. Please enjoy and let me know if you have any questions. You can get more wallpapers with this free backgrounds pack.

Vector Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Blue Butterfly Vector Art Background

Free Blue Vector Background

Floral Pattern Vector Wallpaper

Dog Vector Background

Flowers Background

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