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Christmas Tree Vector Image - Abstract design with candy canes, stars, and gingerbread man graphics. Christmas Vector Art - Santa, reindeer, and sleigh outdoors.
Easter Basket Holiday Vector - Religious Cross, Easter eggs, and Easter ribbon. Easter Vector Image
Halloween Vector Art Snowman Vector Art Design
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Seasonal Vector Images

Vector images are always in high demand during the holiday seasons. Christmas, and Easter have been the busiest times of year in regards to the number of design projects I have received. Winter sees a lot of projects as well. I think winter trumps summer because kids are in school during the winter. Teachers need to provide the students with constructive activities to do. My seasonal vector images will perform well in a variety of places. Clip art is generally only adequate for teachers. Vectors are good for everybody including businesses.

Download Royalty Free Holiday Vector Designs

There are a number of royalty free holiday vector graphics for you to download. We have a couple of christmas and easter vector images. There is also a winter season vector art graphic of a snowman. I hope to be adding summer season vector graphic this year. Secret Stash newsletter subscribers will have access to the free vectors as soon as they become available.

What Seasonal Vector Images are All About

Creating seasonal vector art is a lot of fun. The holiday vector designs bring back memories of yesteryear. I image being back I the classroom waiting for the end of the school day. Sometimes teachers would let us draw to pass the time. I would work on holiday designs. Please enjoy the vector art. Let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to create and I will try to oblige. You can also let me know if any of the designs need to be modified. Sometimes a vector graphic can have an opening here or there that I miss.

Seasonal Images

Christmas Vector Art

Christmas Tree Vector Image

Easter Basket Holiday Vector

Free Easter Vector Image

Snowman Vector Art Design

Halloween Vector Art

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